Welcome to WhereApps, a company focused on best-of-breed software for mobile devices that take advantage of Location Based Services (LBS). WhereApps, a Silicon Valley based company is launching it's first set of applications for the iPhone and iPad during the second half of 2010.

WhereApps was founded in early 2008 by Patrick McGovern. Patrick was the Director of SourceForge.net for five years (2000 to 2005), the worlds largest Open Source software development site with over 17 million page views a day. After SourceForge, Patrick joined Splunk of San Francisco as the Vice President of Marketing. Splunk pioneered IT Search to solve complex issues within the data center. Splunk remains one of the fastest growing startups in the bay area.

WhereApps is privately funded at this time. If you wish to contact the team, please use the contact form.

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